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UX Designer

As a UX Designer, I bring a unique set of skills to the table. With my background in journalism and media studies, criminal justice, staffing, affordable housing, and department management, I am pretty much the MacGyver of UX design.

I fell in love with UX because I realized that making people’s lives easier is way more satisfying than being stuck in a 9-5 office job like a stapler in a desk drawer. As an empath, I can understand what the user wants and needs and design an experience that is both user-friendly and enjoyable.

From conducting user research to creating visually appealing designs, I’ve got you covered. I can adapt to changing circumstances like learning a new software or switching gears mid-project. Flexibility is key and I am confident in my ability to handle any challenges that come my way.

When I’m not designing, you can find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, planning my next adventure, or binge-watching reality shows (it’s my guilty pleasure)! Oh, and I am always ready to discuss zombies, the apocalypse, and The Walking Dead. So let’s design an experience that’s to die for (hopefully not because of zombies)!

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